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Safety instructions – this is a mandatory component of any flight. For each traveler, one way or another, the plane and the safety card on Board – it's almost the same. Many people do not pay attention to what is in the pocket of the front seat, some will run a quick glance at the color drawings, and only a few will carefully and meticulously study every typo, every change in the image or the overall style of design. This project is just for the last category: for those observant people who have a different picture or a slightly different phrase – a reason for joy and a great chance to add to the collection!

For any collector, the availability of reliable information about the possible variations of the collectible is a serious help and a significant incentive to further filling the collection. This project is an attempt to bring together information on all possible issues of aviation safety cards. The main part of the register is kept offline, and only verified information from various sources is published on the pages of this site.

Collecting safety instructions, I study the history of aviation with its difficult destinies of airlines and their aircraft. It is interesting to see how small amendments to aviation safety regulations lead to serious changes in the design of instructions. Russian airlines and aircraft are a priority in maintaining the register. Also I deliberately don't show some pictures of cards.

I'm always glad of any help in the maintenance of the register. If you have something to add – write me an e‑mail .

I am always happy to exchange with collectors and offer to see my trade list.

Thank you for your interest!

Best regard, Alexey.

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